Child psychology

Author : Mohamed A. Khalfan

1- Teach the Child to Think

2- Treat the Child as an Adult

3- Allow the Child to Speak

4- "Touch & Tie" the Child

5- Let the Child be a Child

6- Spare the Child from Inferiority Complex

5- Let the Child be a Child(Part 2 of 3)

6- Spare the Child from Inferiority Complex (Part 3 of 3)

7- Intruct the Child Once Only for Better

8- The Child's FIrst Participation in a Religious

9- Introduce the Child to the Clock

10- The Child with Culture of Reading is More

11- The Child and his Concept of Allah swt

12- The Culture of Talking to Allah swt

13- The Child let Sulking Ceases Sulking

14- Gaining Vision from Family History

15- School Enrollment with a Spring-Board

16- Mother's True Love for Son is Sharing his

17- Smart Shoes and the Child

18- Childhood Trauma

19-Slip of Expletives in Conversation - As a Habit

20- Foster Charitable Nature in the Child

21- Childhood Nickname can Stunt Personality

22- Disciplinarian Parents on the Wrong Footing

23- Favouring Boys is Wronging Girls among

24- Groom the Child in the Art of Conversation

25- The Child and his world of Fantasy

26- The Child's "Books & Buddies"

27- Allow the Child his Moments of Privacy

28- Save the Child from Risk of School Antipathy

29- Make the Child Understand Prejudice

30- Handle the Child's Fragile Trust with Care