A Shi'ite Encyclopedia (Chpater 4)

Author : A group of Shia scholars and some Sunni sources

Respecting the Righteous Companions

A Shi'ite View of the Companions

The Authentic Traditions

The Tragedy of Thursday

Conspiracy Against Imam Ali (AS)

Do I need to comment on Wahabi scholarship?

About Saqifah

More on Companions

The Companions Among One Another

Side Comments: Responses to Sunni Brothers

The Enemies of Islam as Depicted in Nahjul Balagha

Attacking the House of Fatimah (AS)

The Opinion of the Prophet About He Who Hurts Fatimah

Where his her grave?

Usurping the Land of Fadak

Was Fadak Muhammads (pbuh) property ?

Did the Prophet (pbuh) present the land to Fatima (as) ?

Lady Fatimah (AS) protests against Abu Bakr's Actions

More Facts on Fadak : Comments from Futuhul Buldan by Baladhuri's

A short history of Fadak after the Martyrdom of Fatima (AS)